Teen Television Star

  Casting Your Next Teen Television Star?

You have the next five seasons plotted out for your new TV series, but who is right for the teenage boy ready to grow into a man? I am Joshua J. Packard, a 14-year old child actor with years of experience on the big and little screen under my belt. I am prepared to tackle a multi-year role as the next teen television star with looks the girls love and physical appearance required for the part. Yes, I have a SAG-AFTRA card, so don't hesitate to make the call to schedule an audition tape today!

Child Actor Ready to Transition to Adult Roles

I have been attending multiple workshops and classes to hone my skill set as a professional actor. While learning all the technical requirements of the craft, I have also been busy gathering an award and nominations from the Young Artist Awards and Young Entertainer Awards for work in a variety of indie films including A Thursday Drive in 2019 and The Smear Campaign in 2018. The greatest opportunity for me would be the chance to take a new character in a television series and grow with them into adulthood, which requires commitment to both the work and the craft.

Valid Passport and Work Permits for New York and LA

Are you not quite sure where you will be shooting? I am your future teen television star prepared for anything. My passport is valid and both youth work permits for New York and California are up to date. I am ready to pack my bag and travel for test shots, pilot episodes, and anything else that this path might take me.

If you are planning auditions and want to see more of Joshua J. Packard, give my manager or PR booking agency a call today. All their contact info is in the Contact Tab of my website. I can't wait to see what the future holds for both of us!