Young Movie Star

  Joshua J. Packard: Available as Your Next Young Movie Star

Anybody in the business knows that it takes more than a warm smile and a genial personality to win big at the box office. A young movie star also needs to walk on set with all the background and work ethic needed to get the shoot done on time. Joshua J. Packard is a teen film actor with a wealth of film credentials and the formal training required to achieve the next level of success in his career and your production. Clicking on my head shots is only the first step in climbing the ladder to the stars!

Collecting Awards in Supporting and Lead Roles

I have been hard at work for the past several years appearing in multiple TV shows, radio spots, and short films. I earned nominations for the Best Teen Actor and Best Young Actor in a Short Film in both 2018 and 2019. I have appeared in both lead and supporting roles and can't wait to find the next exciting opportunity. I am constantly attending new classes in the craft to hone my skills for auditions, cold reading, voice over, stage acting, and improvisation. What you need in a teen film actor, I want to learn how to do it better!

Building My Craft through Training and Hands-On Experience

I maintain work permits for both Los Angeles and New York, so I can travel wherever you are casting for your next project. I also maintain a valid passport, so no opportunity can pass me by. Where have you seen me? I have had the lead roles for Hide & Seek, Keep on Believing, A Thursday Drive, and Shirtless. Joshua J. Packard has made appearances on Madam Secretary and Saturday Night Live. Click on my Videos & Reel page for examples of my work on the big and little screen.