Young Tv Actor

  Young TV Actor with Experience and Personality

Are you scripting for a pilot or are adding a new teen character to your series? Joshua J. Packard is a child actor near me with the experience, credentials, and training you want. At nearly six feet tall, in my mid-teens, and with an acting award under my belt, I've got the right mix of personality and time spent in front of the camera to keep your shoot on schedule. I have earned my SAG-AFTRA card and am willing to travel to the East and West coast for auditions and extended shoots.

A Child Actor Near Me with the Required Chops and Training

Is your production targeted as a drama or comedy? I am ready to knock the reading out of the park. Check out my work that earned Best Teen Actor in a Short Film and Best Young Actor in a Short Film for years 2018 and 2019. I am prepared to add another trophy to the case for 2020 and beyond. I have done work for print, voice over, short films, and television.

Prepared for Commercials, Drama, Voice Over, and Center Stage

I try to keep my schedule filled with activities to further my career and craft. You have seen me on shows like Madam Secretary and Saturday Night Live and on the big screen in shorts such as Hide & Seek and Keep on Believing. I am eager to expand my repertoire to include radio and print spots as they come available. As a young TV actor, I am also ready to sign on for extended work with a character that can grow with me into adulthood.

Do you like what you see? Contact my manager or PR booking agent by clicking on the contact page or give them a call. My valid passport means I am available to travel and my work permits allow for work today in New York or LA.